EES POLICY NO. 13-02-01

RE: Implementation of the CAPP Provider Portal and Related Child Care Changes


Contact Person:

Sally Hargis

FROM:   Karen Beckerman

KEESM Reference:

10036 and others

DATE:    February 12, 2013


Primary DCF Areas Affected: Child Care and Child Care Provider Enrollment

Where Posted on Web:

With the second phase of CAPP, the Provider Portal will go live statewide effective February 18, 2013. The Provider Portal will allow child care providers to apply on line for child care licensure and for enrollment with DCF. The following procedural changes in child care eligibility and in child care provider enrollment that go along with the implementation of the provider portal:

  1. Effective February 18, 2013, it will be required that all applicants for child care be given the link to the handbook “The Parent Provider Partnership” if they have computer access, and that they be advised of their responsibility to read and understand the information contained in the handbook. If the applicant does not have computer access, they must be given a paper copy of the handbook. This is to be documented in the child care eligibility file. A link to the 2/13 version of this document will be located on the EES web page of the DCF public website under Child Care Providers. The site will be updated on Friday, February 15th with the new documents. The version of this handbook that is currently item C-11 in the KEESM should not be used, but will be updated with the May revision.

  2. Effective February 18, 2013, agreements for In Home child care providers will be made directly between the agency and the provider. The primary difference from current procedure will be that the enrollment is completed by the provider instead of the parent. Referrals from EES staff are still required, and the parent is still the employer of the provider, which requires them to have an Employer ID Number (EIN). The parent will continue to cooperate with the provider in providing their EIN and in completing and signing the Health and Safety Checklist and the Policy Statement on Discipline. With this change, In Home Child Care providers will now be handled basically the same as other types of providers and will be subject to the same rules and requirements.

With this change, the following documents have been revised or obsoleted:

  1. ES-1650, Regulated Provider Enrollment - Revised

  2. ES-1651, Unregulated Provider Enrollment - Revised

  3. ES-1652, In-Home Child Care Request – Revised, now called In-Home Provider Enrollment

  4. ES-1653, Out of Home Relative Provider Enrollment – Revised

  5. ES-1654, In-Home Child Care Handbook – Obsoleted

  6. ES-1655, Child Care Provider Handbook – Revised

  7. ES-1656, The Parent – Provider Partnership Handbook – Revised

  8. Appendix Item C-25, Child Care Checklist – Revised
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