EES POLICY NO. 99-10-06
        (Originally 90-01-01)

RE: Relationship Verification for Children in DCF Custody


KEESM: 2220


FROM: Dennis Priest


DATE: October 1, 1999
(Originally 1-23-90)


Program(s): TANF

Children and Family Services utilizes a number of relative placements for children in DCF custody needing an out-of-home placement. When these relatives apply for TANF on behalf of the child, receipt of benefits is often delayed pending documentation which is required to establish the relationship factor between the child and the relatives. In many cases these families do not have the financial reserves needed to care for the child in crisis and the delay in processing creates a hardship on the family.

To alleviate the delay in processing in these instances, a written statement from the social worker making the placement shall serve as temporary verification of the degree of relationship between the child in custody and the caretaker relative. The social worker should also provide any other documentation available to substantiate the relationship. If all eligibility factors are established, the case may then be promptly processed.

The written statement and any supporting documentation shall be acceptable for 30 days after approval of benefits. To continue benefits after this period, the family must provide full verification (e.g. birth certificates, etc.) establishing the relationship. The 30 day period may be extended if it is shown that a bona fide effort is being made to obtain the information.

This policy and procedure has been coordinated with Children and Family Services Central Office.


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