11112 Situations Not Requiring Restoration of Benefits - The following situations are handled as reported changes and the household is not entitled to restoration of benefits or supplemental benefits:

  1. Verification of eligible non-citizen status provided and member added (see 2143.3);
  2. Verification of deductible expenses provided (if sufficient time given household) and net income is lowered (see 1322.3 (3)). (Food Assistance Only.)
  3. Reported changes related to the medical and excess shelter requirements for the elderly and disabled receiving SSI or SSA unless the agency does not respond to the reported changes in a timely manner. (Food Assistance Only.)
  4. The household failed to report a change which would have resulted in an increase in benefits had the change been timely reported. Refer to 9121 or 9122.
  5. Underpayments are not to be issued for the month in which a change is reported.
  6. The household failed to timely provide necessary information. See 9121.1, 9122.6, or 9122.7.


11113 Time Frames and Limits - Once it has been determined that an underpayment is due a household, these benefits shall be calculated and issued (unless offsetting of the full amount will occur) to the household as soon as possible but no later than 20 calendar days after the worker becomes aware that an underpayment is due.


NOTE: Time Limit Applicable to Food Assistance Program Only - Unless there is a statement elsewhere in this manual that a household is entitled to lost benefits for a longer period, benefits shall be restored for not more than 12 months prior to whichever of the following occurred first:


  1. The date the agency receives a request for restoration from a household; or
  2. The date the agency is notified or otherwise discovers that a loss to a household has occurred.


11114 Erroneous Termination - If a household' s benefits were erroneously terminated , the month the loss initially occurred shall be the first month benefits were not received as a result of the erroneous termination action. 11126.1 (3)


11115 Offsetting Against Claims - Restored benefits due a household which are discovered during a review period, or benefits due from a previous review period shall be offset against an outstanding claim (see 11126.1 (3)).


Restored benefits are defined as underpayments which are established for benefit months 2 or more months prior to the current calendar month.


At the point in time a household is approved or reviewed on a timely basis and receives an initial allotment, the initial allotment shall not be used to offset a claim, even if the initial allotment is paid retroactive to the month of application.


The system automatically offsets if the claim is active and established with a repayment plan. See 11126.1 (3)