1212 Responsibilities of Applicant/Recipient


1212.1 Responsibility to Submit Identifiable Application - The applicant shall submit an application containing a legible name and address (unless homeless). An application must also be signed to be complete.


1212.2 Responsibility to Supply Information - A client has the responsibility to supply, insofar as able, information essential to the establishment of eligibility.

Information received in the office through a drop box, mail slot or other such manner at the opening of the business day will be considered as received that business day. This policy does not apply to verification/information that has a time and date stamp, such as emails and faxes. Those items are generally considered received the day of the date and time stamp. Information which is received as a fax or copy, but is required in original form, shall be considered as received when the fax/copy arrives in the office provided the original document arrives in a timely manner as determined at the local level. In general, a fax or copy of a document shall be acceptable without requiring an original (including an application form or interim report form). However, an original document shall be required for establishing age, identity and citizenship and alienage status, and when determined to be necessary based on prudent person judgement.


The client also has the responsibility to supply, insofar, as he/she is able, information essential to work program participation and the establishment of a self-sufficiency plan.

For Food Assistance, clients have the responsibility to report all expenses and failure to report an expense results in the loss of the household's entitlement to the corresponding deduction.


For child care, clients have the responsibility to supply information essential to child plan hours needed. Failure to report accurate need (e.g., child's school schedule) results in those hours not being accounted for in the monthly benefit authorization.


1212.3 Responsibility to Provide Verification - The client has primary responsibility for providing verification (certain exceptions to these requirements are specified in the verification section). See 1322.

For Food Assistance, client have the responsibility to verify mandatory expenses and failure to verify those expenses results in the loss of the household's entitlement to the corresponding deduction.


1212.4 Responsibility to Authorize Release of Information - A client has the responsibility to give written permission for release of information when needed.

For Food Assistance, the client has the option to sign a Release of Information.


1212.5 Responsibility to Report Changes - A client subject to simplified reporting must report changes based on the provisions of 9122. Simplified food assistance reporters are only required to report the one change listed in 9122.1 that occurs between the date of the interview and the date of approval. These changes are required to be reported within 10 days of the date of the notice of approval.

Change reporters must report within 10 calendar days from the date of the approval notice. See 9121 for specific changes that change reporting persons are required to report.

For child care, a client has the responsibility to report changes in income if the changes result in gross monthly income exceeding 85% of the State Median Income (SMI) for the household size, address, choice of a provider and hours of child care needed (including when child care is no longer being used or has not been used for an entire calendar month for any or all children receiving assistance) within 10 calendar days. See 9121.


1212.6 Responsibility to Cooperate - The client shall cooperate with all program requirements and in supplying required information.


1212.7 Responsibility to Participate in Face-to-Face Interview - The client shall have a face-to-face interview with an EES Specialist prior to initial approval and all reviews. This requirement may be waived under certain circumstances which are delineated in the section on the application process. This requirement applies only to food assistance and cash.


1212.8 Responsibility to Provide Social Security Numbers - Each client shall provide his/her Social Security number. Refer to 2130. This responsibility does not apply to Child Care.


1212.9 Responsibility to Meet Needs - A client has the responsibility to meet his own needs insofar as he is capable.


1212.10 Responsibility to Select Appropriate Child Care - The client has the responsibility to select child care to best meet the needs of his or her child. The client has the responsibility to read and understand the information contained in the handbook “The Parent Provider Partnership” (KEESM appendix item C-11), asking any questions necessary to ensure understanding.


1212.11 Responsibility to Pay for Child Care Expenses Owed - The client has the responsibility to pay the child care provider for any unsubsidized amount owed. Benefits issued through the child care subsidy program may not cover all costs.