9340 Agency Action on Timely Reapplication - If reapplication for benefits is filed timely and all review requirements are met, the agency shall act upon the information to ensure uninterrupted benefits. Workers shall take action on timely filed reapplication within the following time standards.


For all households that have timely filed an application for review and met all required review procedures, the worker shall approve or deny the application and notify the household of its determination by the end of the current review period. Reviews processed by the last work day in the last month of the review period are considered timely. For all cash, child care, and food assistance households not determined eligible in sufficient time to provide for normal issuance of benefits in that time frame due to the time period allowed for submitting verification shall receive their benefits, if eligible, within 5 working days after the household supplies the missing verification.


All households are to be notified of the appropriate reporting requirements upon review approval. See 9120.


9350 Household Failure to Act - A household which submits a timely application for review but is either interviewed and /or submits all verification in an untimely manner shall lose the right to uninterrupted benefits. If eligible, these households shall be provided benefits within 30 calendar days after the application was filed.


A household which fails to appear for an interview or submit required verification in accordance with 9332 and 9333, shall lose its right to uninterrupted benefits and shall be denied by the end of the current review period. Once denied, the household has 30 days following the end of the review period to complete the interview or provide required verification. If the household takes the required action during this 30 days, the review shall be processed with food assistance benefits prorated from the date the household took the required action. Cash and Child Care benefits are not prorated per 7401 . If the household does not take the required action during the following 30 days, a new application is required.


Any application for review not submitted in a timely manner shall be treated as an initial application. However, if an application or review form is returned in the month following the end of the review period it can be used to redetermine eligibility and benefits shall not be prorated for all programs except food assistance. The timeliness provisions of 1413 apply, however for cash cases the following provisions apply:


  1. Application for review filed between the 16th and last day of the review period - must be processed within 30 days to be timely.

  2. Application for review filed after the last day of the review - must be processed within 45 days to be timely.


9360 Agency Failure to Act - Agency failure to provide normal issuance of benefits to an eligible household, which submitted a timely application for review, in accordance with the above provisions shall be considered an administrative error. These households shall be entitled to restoration of benefits if, as a result of such error, they were unable to receive benefits for the month following the expiration of the review period.