9371 Review Periods for Cash - TANF cases, including those eligible for the Work Incentive payments, shall be reviewed at least once every 12 months. The review will not be shortened or extended to coincide with the Work Incentive payment months.

Grandparent as Caregiver cases shall be reviewed at least once every 24 months.


9372 Review Periods for Food Assistance - The review periods are as follows:


  1. 12 months - All households shall be certified for 12 months with the exception of those certified for 24 months as described below.

  2. 24 months - Households where all adults are elderly or disabled with no earned income shall be certified for a 24-month period. As a condition of certifying for 24 months, the following provisions apply:

    1. A mid review contact with the household must occur in the 12th month of the review period to determine if the household has any changes in circumstances requiring case action. This mid-review contact is accomplished by the sending of the12 Month Report Form.

      The 12 Month Report Form will be sent automatically The interim report due date will be automatically determined by the system (based on review due date).

      The 12 Month Report Form is mailed on the 5th  day before the end of the month, unless the 5th day is a non-work day, then the form is mailed the first work day prior to the 5th calendar day before the end of the month.

    2. Information reported on the 12 Month Report Form shall be used to determine eligibility and the amount of benefits for the remainder of the 24-month review period.

    3. Automatic closure of the food assistance case will occur if the 12 Month Report Form is not registered 14 days before the end of the month.  An automatic notice of closure is sent. Adequate notice must be provided of any changes from the prior benefit level based on information reported on the report form. If the household returns the form or provides needed information in the month following the month of closure, the case shall be reinstated per 1423.
    4. Special provisions regarding the treatment of medical expenses apply to all households approved for 24 months. Refer to 7227.5 (7).

    NOTE: If a household is certified for 24 months and the household 1) subsequently gets earned income or 2) an adult who is not elderly or disabled is added to the food assistance case, the household can no longer be certified for 24 months. If there are more than 12 months left in the review period, the review period must be modified to a 12-month review period. If there are 7 months to 12 months left in the review period, the review period does not need to be changed. If there are 6 months or less left in the review period, the changes to the review period can be made at the time of review. When determining how many months are left in the review period, start counting with the benefit month the person or earned income is added to the case.

    Example: Mary gets SSI and her review period is 2/1/08 through 1/31/2010. Mary calls on March 5th, 2009 and reports she started working at WalMart. Earned income is added for the benefit month of April 2009. 10 months are left in the review period starting with April 2009. She is now a simplified reporter. An interim report will now be due July 2009 based on a January review due date.