1413 Time In Which Application is to be Processed and Case Disposition - All applications shall be approved or denied on a timely basis except when a determination of eligibility cannot be made within the required period due to the failure of the applicant or a collateral to provide required information. Written notice must be given the applicant by the end of the required period giving the reason(s) for the delay. The approval of an application from a non-citizen who is otherwise eligible may not be delayed beyond the timely processing time frame due solely to the fact that no INS response to a request for verification of immigration status has been received.

Timely action is defined as follows:



Eligibility for service is determined from the date of request. For child care needed for qualifying social service reasons, the service start date is indicated on the Request for Social Services Child Care ES-1627 and shall be used as the date of request. If the child is an adjudicated juvenile offender in the custody of JJA, an application and documentation of JJA custody are also required. (See 2831 and 2835).


Applications from families participating in the KEHS/CC Partnerships (as identified by the referral form) must be processed within 7 calendar days of the application date.  Referrals received from KEHS for families participating in the Child Care Partnerships and already receiving child care assistance are also required to be processed within 7 calendar days of receipt of the referral.