2860 Kansas Early Head Start/Child Care Partnership - This section contains policies and procedures regarding parents or caretakers participating in the Kansas Early Head Start/Child Care Partnership program.


2861 Eligibility and KsCares Payment Coding -


  1. Parents or caretakers in the Kansas Early Head Start/Child Care Partnership will complete an ES-3100 that will be turned in with a referral form from Early Head Start indicating that they are participating in the program. Early Head Start will indicate on the referral that they have completed the financial and non-financial test used to determine eligibility for the program using Early Head Start standards.

  2. The eligibility worker will need to determine cooperation with and referral to child support services as a condition of their eligibility for child care subsidy. The eligibility worker will also ensure that there are no outstanding noncooperation issues with fraud investigations.

  3.  Benefits for child care are authorized through the KsCares system. The following Child Care Subtypes and Reasons for Child Care codes apply:



Child Care Subtype

Reason Code for Child Care


JO (no family share)


Parents or caretakers who are not receiving Kansas TANF for any reason

EM (no family share associated to KEHS/CC Partnership participating child families)