3410 Provisions Specific to TANF Support Services/Component Costs/Contracted Employment Services/Employment Services - Total payments for support services and Education/Job Skills Training/Vocational Education component costs may not exceed $5,000 per TANF client per twelve month period without approval of the EES Program Administrator on a case-by-case basis. The twelve month period starts the month in which the first payment is authorized and is not affected by breaks in eligibility. Payments for Contracted Employment Services are not included within the $5,000 limit.


There is eligibility for work program support services (transportation and Special Services Allowance), Education/Job Skills Training/Vocational Education component costs and contracted employment services for up to 12 months following the loss of TANF cash eligibility for the individual or the case for any reason other than:



The decision to approve payments following the loss of cash eligibility should be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the EES Supervisor and documented in the case file.


NOTE: The 12 month period of extended services is not available in situations where the TANF client becomes exempt from work related requirements, does not volunteer for work programs, and continues to be eligible for cash assistance. In these situations, the KsCares work program case should be closed.


On KsCares, the client should remain open in work programs for 12 months when the client is receiving work program services and the TANF cash case or the client's TANF cash eligibility is closed for any reason with the exception of the closure reasons noted above.


If the TANF cash case was closed due to earnings,  an EMP activity should be opened on SESP. If TANF was closed for reason’s other than employment, the case manager will code SESP with the activity that the client was in prior to closing (unless it is a penalty closure; see KEESM 3330.8) and use the description line on SESP for explanation if needed. The 12 month period of available extended services may be tracked by the Scheduled End Date of the component assignment. The Scheduled End Date is the last day of the 12th month.


The TANF Work Program KsCares case may be closed if the client requests case closure anytime during the 12 months of extended services.


NOTE: See 2831 for child care needed to support former TANF clients who are not employed but will be receiving services available in this section.