9373 Review Periods for Medical - Cases certified for tuberculosis care only shall be reviewed once every 6 months.


All other medical-only cases shall be reviewed once every 12 months. A review is not required during a 12 month transitional medical assistance period.


For SSI cases, reviews need only be done when information is received on EATSS that the individual's benefits have been suspended or terminated, except as noted in 2639.


9374 Review Periods for Child Care - Reviews shall be completed  every 12 months.   An initial review period for less than 12 months may not be established. See KEESM 7640 for situations in which the case may be closed prior to the end of the 12 month review period.


   At the 12 month review, if the household’s income remains below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), the household will be approved for another year of eligibility.  However, if the household’s income exceeds 185% of the FPL, but remains below 85% of the State Median Income (SMI), the case will be approved for a three month transition period, and closed at the end of that three month period. 


9375 Review Periods for Work Programs - Review requirements for Work programs cases are completed through periodic progress reviews. Progress reviews shall be ongoing and provide an assessment of the individuals progress in the assigned component. Each component has specific progress review requirements. See 3310. Documentation of the completed progress review should be maintained in the case file.