2310 General Assistance (GA) - "See Policy Memo #99-10-07 re: "Special Rules for Vehicle Registration in Kansas for GA Applicants/recipients".

2311 Vehicle Registration - Based on State statute, if an individual owns a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) which is required to be registered by law, it must be registered in Kansas to qualify for GA benefits. If not, the individual is ineligible for GA.


2312 Not Eligible for TAF or SSA Benefits- The applicant/recipient and all persons for whom he or she is legally responsible must not be eligible for TAF or SSA benefits and the person must not have deliberately or voluntarily rendered oneself or others ineligible for TAF or SSA Benefits.


There shall be ineligibility for GA when the applicant/recipient fails to comply with an TAF eligibility requirement or fails to request assistance for an individual who may otherwise render the family group eligible for TAF.

2313 General Assistance Criteria - GA eligibility is dependent upon meeting disability criteria . All mandatory filing unit members of the family group must be included in the assistance plan in accordance with 4110 and 4112. (Per 4112, the mandatory filing unit for a two person GA case can only consist of the disabled individual and spouse.) Assistance shall be limited to those families in which all mandatory filing unit members are determined to meet eligibility for Tier 1 or Tier 2 as defined in KEESM 2662.1 .