1510 Payment Information And Procedures - Regular monthly cash and child care benefits are based on current need (calendar month) and are paid in advance on the first of the month. Food stamp benefits are paid from the first through the tenth of the month. Food stamp, child care and cash payments are made available to clients through electronic benefit accounts by using a plastic debit card, the Vision Card. Benefits can be accessed as follows:


  1. At point-of-sale (POS) devices for cash, food assistance and child care;
  2. At automated teller machines (ATMs) for cash; and
  3. Through the audio response unit (ARU) system for child care.

1511 To Whom Payments Can be Made


1511.1 Money Payments - The following persons are eligible to receive money payments: caretaker, recipient, personal representative, or substitute payee. See 2220 for persons who qualify as a caretaker. A caretaker may receive a money payment for any member of the assistance plan, including persons for whom he or she is not the caretaker (e.g., a grandmother for a grandchild and the grandchild's minor father who is not related to the grandmother).


Exception: A minor may not receive a money payment unless able to act in own behalf per 2110 and one of the categories above to receive payments is met.

If the caretaker dies, the money payment may be made to a new caretaker for a period of 3 calendar months under the old application. In this instance, a new Vision card shall be provided to the new caretaker to access the existing account for the new period.

Note: No cash assistance may be used to purchase alcohol, cigarettes or lottery tickets.

1511.2 Food Assistance Payments and Child Care Benefits - The following persons are eligible to receive food assistance and child care benefits: PI, authorized representative, or any payee authorized by the PI.

Refer to 1524 regarding alternate payee procedures for the Vision Card.