5925 Child Support Services (CSS)

CSS is charged with the responsibility of seeking child support for children in the custody of the state in an out-of-home placement.


A. Referrals to CSS


Parents of children who are in the custody of the state in an out-of-home placement must be referred to CSS.  Referrals are accomplished via the KAECSS system. Each parent shall be listed on the CHSE screen.  The narrative section on the CHSE screen shall note the child was removed and the initial type of placement.

Notifications of Changes in Status. Inform CSS of changes in the child and family's status.  PPS must notify CSS through KAECSS of the following:


1. Change in Placement.  

When children in out- of -home care change placements, CSS is to be notified.  This includes moves to a non-parent relative, a correctional or State Hospital placement.  It is not necessary to inform CSE regarding moves from foster home to foster home.

2. Return Home.  

CSS shall be notified when a child returns home so that they can stop any subsequent child support debt accrual.  CSS will continue to contact the parent for any arrearage owed.

3. Change in Legal Status

CSS shall be notified immediately of changes in legal status, especially if parental rights are terminated.


B. Exempt Referrals to CSS


Children who meet both of the following criteria are exempt from referrals to CSS. CSS shall be informed of the exemption on the CHSE screen.  (See KCSEM 2520)


1. Adopted through DCF.  

The child is coming into foster care from the home of adoptive parents who adopted through DCF.

2. Special Needs

Prior to adoption, the child met the definition of a special needs child and PPS staff believe the events that led to the placement in foster care are attributed to the child's special needs.  If the placement in foster care is due to the action(s) or inaction(s) of the adoptive parent(s), the case may be referred to CSS.

3. Good Cause.  

In rare instances, PPS may determine that a parent has good cause for refusing to cooperate in establishing paternity and securing support payments.  The CPS Specialist has the responsibility to determine the validity of good cause and to document the same.  CSS shall be informed of the good cause.