EES POLICY NO. 19-02-03

RE: Gift Cards for March 2019


Contact Person:

Judy Kennedy

FROM:   Sandra Kimmons


DATE:   February 6, 2019


Primary DCF Areas Affected: Food Assistance and TANF

Where Posted on Web:

In January 2019, a policy memo was released for the use of gift cards for those families who might not receive their February food assistance benefits. Most February benefits were issued early to avoid the possibility of lack of funding. Because March benefits will not be authorized until March many households will experience an extended period between issuance.

DCF would like to alleviate the issues that may occur due to the early issuance of February food assistance benefits. The following may be circumstances where staff identify the need for a gift card distribution:

  • A family reporting a shortage of food
  • SNAP recipients who gain employment and need clothing or supplies to start employment
  • All families who meet expedited guidelines
  • TANF work program recipients who need clothing or supplies for employment
  • All pregnant women
  • Family expresses a hardship (could be trouble paying rent, utilities, etc.)

Based on the families need, gift cards up to $300 may be disbursed.

All gift card disbursements will follow the current tracking process. Gift cards will be used until they are gone from each office. Gift cards may be redistributed from office to office as a need occurs.

All questions regarding need of a household for a gift card should be addressed to Janelle Harper or Judy Kennedy.

Questions regarding the distribution of gift cards should be addressed to James Heckard.

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