EES POLICY NO. 19-07-05

RE: Withdrawal 15% ABAWD Exemption


Contact Person: Janelle Harper

FROM:   Sandra Kimmons

KEESM Reference: 2527

DATE:   July 11, 2019

 Other: In reference to EES Policy No. 19-05-04

Primary DCF Areas Affected: Food Assistance

Where Posted on Web:

This memo is being used to withdraw the policy presented to staff on May 20, 2019, pertaining to the 15% ABAWD exemptions. Effective Friday July 12, 2019, staff may not use the 15% ABAWD exemption. KEES will close any appropriate cases. Any Food Assistance Application, IR or Review received or processed on or after Thursday, July 11, 2019, is no longer eligible for this one-time exemption.

ABAWDs must meet federal ABAWD requirements as outlined in KEESM 2527. Staff are to continue to inform all ABAWDs and Work Registrants of their rights and responsibilities verbally and in writing by providing them with the E-26 Food Assistance Work Registration Form. Staff also should inform ABAWDs that the 36-month time clock starts over October 1, 2019, but they must reapply.

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