EES POLICY NO. 19-07-06

RE: HCBS Protected Income Limit Increase


Contact Person: Janelle Harper

FROM:   Sandra Kimmons

KEESM Reference:

DATE:   July 18, 2019


Primary DCF Areas Affected: Food Assistance

Where Posted on Web:

Effective September 1, 2019 the HCBS Protected Income Limit (PIL) will increase. Staff will start to see this change after July 19, 2019 once come up month for September is available. The current value is $727; the new value will be $1157. This is a difference of $430. This change will impact clients receiving HCBS services and PACE clients. Clients will see closures or reduction in benefits. HCBS client obligations are automatically included in the Food Assistance budget as a medical expense using the cross-case rules. PACE client obligations are not automatically included in the Food Assistance budget (due to a rules gap); staff currently add this expense manually as a Medical Expense (FA Only).

There are approximately 2,100 HCBS programs with an obligation that are also on Food Assistance. This change (if processed through batch as expected) in the PIL will be updated with the Food Assistance allotment run is scheduled for August 24, 2019. There are about 100 PACE cases with an obligation that are also on Food Assistance. The PACE expense is not automatically counted on the Food Assistance program as a medical expense and will need to be manually updated by staff. These expenses will be updated at next IR/Review or when self-reported by the client.

Production batch activity for the HCBS PIL changes are currently scheduled for August 3, 2019. Affected clients will receive notice of this change by mail.

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