KDOL Wages and UC Interface

From within the context of the case:

  1. Select Eligibility from Global Navigation. Select Customer Information from Local Navigation. Select Verifications from Task Navigation. The Verification List page displays.
  2. From the Program Type drop down menus select Non-Medical from the drop-down value.  The Interface Search button displays in the bottom right section of the page. 
  3. Click the Interface Search button.  The Interface Search page displays.   
  4. Select the Person from the Person drop-down menu.

    NOTE: Multiple people can be selected at one time. Select the first person by clicking it. Press and hold the Ctrl key and left click each additional person. 
  5. Select KDOL UC and/or KDOL Wages from the Interface Type drop-down menu. 

    NOTE: Multi Select both interfaces by left clicking and highlighting both interfaces.
  6. Click the Call button. The Real Time Interface History List displays all interface calls specific to this case.  
  7. Click the Call ID number hyperlink associated to the Date and Time record to view. 
  8. The Real Time Interface History Detail page displays the following:
  9. Click the Response ID hyperlink: 


See the KDOL Wage and UC Desk Aid to view a list of Statuses, Responses, Error Messages and Non-Monetary Denial reasons. 

NOTE: The data on this Real Time Interface History List page will be stored for 3 years, exactly as it is seen by the worker at the time the call was made.

NOTE: The information obtained from the KDOL Interface comes from a file saved nightly. The information displayed from the KDOL Interface is valid as of the day before.