User Access Document Upload Portal User's Manual

Document Upload Portal:

The Document Upload Portal website is best viewed in Internet Explorer.


  1. The Welcome page displays. After reading the information displayed click the Continue button.

  1. The User Online Accounts Credentials page displays. The information entered on this page is very important for account setup. After completing all fields with a red asterisk click the Save and Continue button.

    1. User Name cannot contain special characters.

    2. The Password cannot contain the User Name.

    3. The Password must be at least eight characters and contain upper and lower case letters, a number and a special character such as #$%^*.  

    4. All fields with a * red asterisks must be completed.

    5. If a field with a red asterisk is not completed or the User Name or Password does not meet the requirements an error will display.  

    6. The Email Address entered must be valid and associated to a provider facility.  

    7. Select Security questions for which you know the answer. End users will be asked to answer these questions when recovering a password.  


  1. The Verify User Account Credentials page displays. After verifying all the information displaying is accurate click the Sign Up button.    

    1.   If information is not accurate click the Back button. Clicking the Back button will navigate back to the User Online Account Credentials page.


  1. The Thank you for signing up page displays. To complete account setup, end users must validate their email address.  A validation email containing a Validation Token is sent to the email address used to create the Document Upload Portal account.    

    1.   Do not navigate off this page prior to entering the Validation Token.

    2. The account users name displays in the right-hand corner.  

    3. Use the Resend button to resend the validation email.  

  1. End users must access their email account and locate the email from KEES. The Validation Token will display in the email.  Use computer functions to highlight and copy the Validation Token from the KEES email.


  1. On the Thank you for signing up page paste the Validation Token and click the Continue button.


  1. The Email Validation Success page displays.  Click the Close button to navigate to the Document Upload Portal homepage.