3400 Support Services/Activity Costs/Contracted Employment Services/Employment Services for Work Programs and GOALS


Support Services are available to address the individual client's barriers. These funds are to be utilized for expenditures related to work program participation.


Any single payment exceeding $1,000.00 must have supervisory approval.


The services described in this section will be provided according to the individual's unique needs and the availability of the regional office's annual TANF allocation of funds for these types of purchases. Support Services are intended for the client’s immediate needs and if not used will age off the clients Kansas Benefits card after three months. If the client requests that the aged-off payment be reissued, the EES case worker will determine if an immediate need exists and whether it is appropriate to reissue a support payment to the Kansas Benefits card. Services are not entitlements, and the agency will use discretion in providing prioritized services. Adult members residing in eligible TANF and/or Food Assistance households but who are a fugitive felon,  probation or parole violator, disqualified for a fraud conviction, or an ineligible non-citizen are not eligible for services described in this section.

Good business practices and common sense should be used when authorizing support services payments for client goods and/or services. The Administrative Services Manual guidelines shall be followed when purchasing goods or services in behalf of a work program client. The Assistant Regional Director of Operations should be consulted when questions arise regarding purchase of needed support services.

In order to promote fair, reasonable and uniform cost and price determination, the Department of Administration requires prior authorization for certain agency purchases with a purchase price of $5,000 or over. A form to request prior authorization must be completed for all such purchases $5,000 or over. (Each Region has been provided a copy of a coding guide to determine items that need to be prior authorized.) If two DCF Divisions or Sections contribute funds to purchase an item for a mutual client and each contribution is less than $5,000, prior authorization is still required if the total purchase price is $5,000 or over.