6314 Intermittent Earned Income - Intermittent earned income is received on other than a monthly basis such as quarterly, semiannually, or annually. Such income is to be considered and averaged. Intermittent earned income received prior to the first eligibility period shall not be considered.


6315 Training Allowances and Payments - Training allowances and incentive payments and maintenance payments from vocational and rehabilitation programs recognized by federal, state, or local governments to the extent they are not a reimbursement are considered earned income. This includes wages earned through a job try out arranged through a CDC or through an industrial evaluation arranged through KETCH.

Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) payments made by the VA are considered earned income. CWT is designed to provide both vocational and rehabilitative services to veterans participating in the program.

Maintenance payments made by Kansas Rehabilitation Services are considered a reimbursement and are thus exempt. See 6410.


Stipends to Native American which are intended to cover living expenses are also considered earned income.


6316 Wages Withheld/Salary Advances - Wages are sometimes paid in advance to an employee, usually at the request of the employee. Wage advances are not counted as income received. Repayment of those advances are not deducted from gross income, either.


However, wages held by the employer as a general practice, even if in violation of the law, shall not be counted as income to the household. For example, it is routine in many places of employment for the first week or two weeks of wages to be withheld and not paid until the following pay period. This is legal and the wages would not be counted until received.


6317 Income from Sale of Blood - Income derived from the sale of blood shall be treated as earned income.