10000 Adult Protective Services Forms


Form Number Form Date Form Name Form Instructions Other Languages
PPS 10000 01/2015 Kansas Protective Services for Vulnerable Adults Brochure pdf    spapdf
​PPS 10001 ​07/2018 ​Understanding Your Role as Power of Attorney pdf
PPS 10100 07/2016 Adult Protective Services Intake doc  pdf    
PPS 10110 07/2016 Adult Protective Service Screening Report doc  pdf    
​PPS 10120 A ​01/2021 ​Potential Criminal Notification Coversheet doc  pdf
PPS 10125​ ​07/2016 ​Notification to KDADS doc  pdf
​PPS 10130


​Notice of Action to Reporters for Adult Abuse Reports doc  pdf
​PPS 10200 10/2012 ​Adult Protective Services Case Activity Log doc  pdf
​PPS 10204A ​07/2020 Notice of Allegation Change​ doc  pdf
​PPS 10205 ​07/2014 ​Your Rights During an Adult Protective Services Assessment for Self-neglect doc  pdf doc  pdf
PPS 10208​ ​07/2014 Your Rights during an APS Investigation Brochure​ pdf
​PPS 10209 ​01/2021 ​Bank Release of Records doc pdf
PPS 10210​ ​10/2012 ​Authorization for Release of Confidential Information doc  pdf
PPS 10212​ ​01/2014 APS Critical/Significant Incident Report​ doc  pdf
​PPS 10215 ​01/2018 ​Non-Critical Death Notification doc  pdf
PPS 10230 ​01/2014 ​Interview Notice to Alleged Perpetrator doc  pdf spadoc spapdf
​PPS 10240 07/2012 ​What you need to know about Investigations of Adult Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, or Fiduciary Abuse pdf ​  ​ 
​PPS 10250 ​01/2018 ​Corrective Action Plan doc  pdf
​PPS 10300 ​01/2017 ​Notice of Agency Decision doc  pdf spadoc spapdf
​PPS 10310 ​07/2016 ​Notification to Regional Adult Abuse/Neglect Registry Contact doc  pdf
PPS 10315​ ​07/2017 ​Notice of Termination of Corrective Action Plan doc  pdf
PPS 10320​A ​01/2017 ​Notice of APS Case Closure- For Self Neglect Cases doc  pdf spadoc spapdf
​PPS 10320B ​07/2016 ​Notice of APS Case Closure - Non Self Neglect Cases doc  pdf
​PPS 10330 ​01/2013 ​Appeal Summary doc  pdf
​PPS 10340 ​01/2015 ​Notification to Facility Regarding APS Finding doc  pdf
​PPS 10350 ​07/2019 ​Substantiation Notification to Law Enforcement doc  pdf
​PPS 10360 01/2018 ​Report to State Regulatory Authority from APS Regarding Finding of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation doc  pdf ​ 
PPS 10370​ ​01/2018 ANE Unit Cover Sheet​ doc  pdf
​PPS 10400 ​01/2018 ​Adult Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Fiduciary Abuse Central Registry doc  pdf
​ PPS 10500 ​07/2016 ​Adult Protective Service Plan doc  pdf
​ PPS 10510 ​07/2016 ​Emergency APS Admissions to Nursing Facilities doc  pdf
​PPS 10600A ​01/2019 ​Adult Guardianship / Conservatorship Referral/Notification doc  pdf
​PPS 10600B ​01/2019 ​Youth Guardianship / Conservatorship Referral ​doc  pdf
​PPS 10610 ​01/2017 ​Decision-Making and Functional Assessment: Criteria for Legal Impairment a Multi-disciplinary Tool doc  pdf