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System Manuals
Summary of Changes
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PPS Policies
    0000 General Information
    1000 Intake
    2000 Investigation and Assessment
    3000 Case Management
    4000 Family Services
    5000 Child Welfare Case Management
    6000 Permanent Custodianship & Adoption
    7000 Independent Living & Self Sufficiency
    8000 Continuous Performance Improvement
    9000 Interstate Compact
    10000 Adult Protective Services
       10000 Adult Protective Services Glossary
       10010 Program Description
       10020 Confidentiality
       10030 Investigations in KDADS Institutions and APS Registry
       10100 Intake
       10103 Notice of Action to the Reporter
       10110 Initial Assessments
       10111 Preliminary Inquiry
       10112 Reports Not Assigned for Further Assessment
       10113 Documenting no Further PPS Action Needed
       10114 Preliminary Inquiry
       10115 Initial Assessment of Involved Adult Residing in Another State
       10116 Initial Assessment of Reports Regarding a Deceased Adult
       10117 Notification to Another Responsible Agency
       10118 Notification to Quality Management Specialist of Reports not Assigned
       10119 Requests for Adult Protective Service Courtesy Interviews From Other States
       10120 Initial Contact Timeframe
       10130 Notification to Quality Management Specialist of Reports not Assigned
       10150 Notifications to the Reporter
       10200 Conducting an Investigation
       10201 Responsible Region for Conducting Investigation
       10202 Request for Courtesy Interview
       10203 Transferring an APS Assigned Case to Another Region
       10204 Additional Perpetrators or Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation Allegations Identified after
       10210 Contacts During the Investigation
       10211 APS Investigator
       10212 Critical or Significant Incident Notification Procedures
       10213 Contacting the Alleged Perpetrator
       10215 Non-Critical Death Notification
       10216 Closure After Assignment
       10220 Investigations Involving Other Agencies
       10221 Assigned KDHE Licensed Facility Reports to APS
       10224 Assessment of Involved Adult
       10300 Case Findings
       10315 Corrective Action Plans
       10320 Required Documentation for Case Findings
       10330 Request for a Fair Hearing
       10331 Agency Response to a Request for Fair Hearing
       10335 Pre Hearing and Fair Hearing
       10340 Post Fair Hearing Appeals
       10345 Actions Following Final Decision
       10400 Accessing Information from the Central Registry
       10410 Requests for Expungement
       10411 Retention of Records
       10500 Providing Services
       10511 Emergency Admissions to Nursing Facilities
       10512 Adult Emergency Services and Support Funds
       10600 Guardian, Conservatorship, and the Kansas Guardianship Program
       10610 Eligibility for the Kansas Guardianship Program
       10620 Referral to Kansas Guardianship Program (KGP)
       10622 Bonding of Conservators
       10630 Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Services for Youth in DCF Custody
       10640 Procedures Following Appointment of Guardian and/or Conservator
       10650 Request for Successor and Termination of Guardian and/or Conservator
       10900 Payment Process for Emergency Services and Support Funds
PPS PPM Appendices