Public Input for Program Administration

Rehabilitation Services (RS) will seek and consider the views of a variety of stakeholders in matters relating to general policy development and implementation and in administration of the State Plan for vocational rehabilitation (VR) services. The State Plan describes the VR program and the plans and policies to be followed in carrying out the program. The Plan is submitted to the federal Rehabilitation Services Administration.


The stakeholders to be involved in this process include.

  1. Current and former consumers of VR services, or, as appropriate, their representatives
  2. Personnel working in the field of VR.
  3. Providers of VR services.
  4. The director of the Client Assistance Program (CAP)
  5. The State Rehabilitation Council
  6. Others interested in VR, such as legislators, employers, educators, and the general public


Procedures used to obtain and consider stakeholder views include:


Effective Date: May 1, 1998