Consultants are a valuable source of information, expertise and professional medical opinions. They are available to assist counselors in clarifying medical information or in analyzing recommendations. As a general policy, consultant approval is not required before proceeding with service delivery. Decision-making at the local level is encouraged. Counselors may use their discretion in determining when to seek advice or information from one of the consultants. (EXCEPTION: The State Psychological Consultant must approve psychotherapy plans of 25 sessions or more.)

When requesting information or advice from the consultant, include the recommended course of treatment, physician reports or relevant materials that will help the consultant to analyze the situation.

The State Medical and Psychological Consultants are responsible for establishing a network of local medical and psychological consultants, staff training, review of newly developed medical or psychological treatments, advice on cost-effective procedures and development of effective administrative procedures.

Contact the Central Office for a listing of current consultants and addresses.


Effective Date: May 1, 1998