Psychological Services

1.    Disability Determinations Consultative Examination - Psychological (DDCE-P)

         Payment up to a maximum of $70.

         The DDCE-P exam includes a comprehensive history and psychological examination with decision making of exceptional (legally defensible) complexity. Specifically this includes documentation of:

a.     The claimant's major or chief alleged impairments.

b.     A detailed description, within the area of specialty, of history of impairments.
- Description, and disposition, of pertinent “positive” and “negative” detailed findings based on history, examination, and laboratory tests and any other abnormalities or lack thereof reported or found during examination or tests.

c.     Diagnosis and prognosis for the claimant’s impairments.

d.     Statements about what the claimant can still do despite his/her impairment.

e.     Consulting opinion about the claimant’s ability, despite impairment to do work-related activities such as the claimant’s ability to understand, to carry out and remember instructions and to respond appropriately to supervision, coworkers, and work pressures in a work setting.

         See Comprehensive Report (DDCR) description for report requirements.

         Examinations may be provided by any contracting medically acceptable source as defined by the Social Security Administration.