Small Business and Self-Employment

Small businesses are a significant component of the economy and can provide gainful opportunities for employment of people with disabilities. Self-employment is a legitimate vocational rehabilitation (VR) objective.

Self-employment or small business entrepreneurship may be appropriate for a client when he or she has experience operating a business; when he or she requires a work setting or schedule under his or her own control; when the client has a marketable business idea with sound prospects for success; or when the competitive labor market is tight and placement is otherwise unlikely.

If a client is interested in such an employment opportunity, the following steps are required:

IPEs with vocational objectives in small business or self-employment must define the point of stability at which time the 90-day employment period prior to case closure will begin. Considerations in defining stability may include:

(Reference: NIDRR #G0087C0228, Research and Training Center on Rural Rehabilitation Services, Montana University Affiliated Rural Institute on Disabilities, January 1996)

Effective Date: April 26, 2005