Post-Employment Services

Rehabilitation Services (RS) Policy

The potential need for post-employment services should be assessed and reviewed with the client throughout the planning process and during service provision. The final determination of the potential need for post-employment services should occur when the client is approaching stable performance on the job and/or at the point of case closure. Agencies, organizations and resources that will be available to meet such needs, if they arise, should be discussed. The discussion should include information on how the client could access such resources.

Post-employment services are vocational rehabilitation (VR) services provided when:

When a year or longer has elapsed since provision of VR services, the counselor will carefully reassess facts to determine the exact nature of services needed and whether post-employment services are appropriate. The period of time after which post-employment services will be provided will not be arbitrarily limited but will be determined on an individual basis. If post-employment services are appropriate, an amendment to the original Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) will be developed. If it is determined that the individual’s needs would be better met through reopening the case, the standard application and eligibility procedures will be followed.

Factors to be considered in closing a post-employment case include the following:

Effective Date: May 1, 1998