RS pays up to the usual and customary price.

Use of generic equivalents

Whenever possible, it is required that a generic equivalent be substituted for a more expensive brand name drug. The use of generic equivalent drugs is required unless the prescriber has written dispense as written or has signed the name on the dispense as written signature line. Clients should be advised to request generic prescriptions from their physicians.

Authorized prescription necessary

Any medications, including over-the-counter drugs, must be specifically prescribed by a health care provider in order to be paid for through VR funds.

Prior authorization required

Prior written approval must be obtained from the RS counselor before any medications will be paid for through VR funds. Such approval must be specific in identifying the medication and whether refills are authorized to be paid for through VR funds.

VR funding for co-pays

Funding of co-pays for medication is an allowable expense.


Exceptions may be approved by the RS Manager or RS Regional Program Administrator on an individual case basis. Each RS Program Administrator will establish a procedure for routing such exception requests through the RS Managers, RS Program Administrator or both. Use of the Exceptions Request Form (see Section 8 / Part 54) is required.

Effective Date: April 10, 2006