Other Closure Actions

Failure to Cooperate

It is essential for clients to keep scheduled appointments and to make progress, as defined on their IPEs, toward employment. Cases will be closed for failure to cooperate under the following circumstances:

Other Reasons for Closure Actions

The record of services of an applicant or client of VR services may also be closed if he or she:

Documentation and Correspondence Regarding Case Closures

The counselor shall document the reason for closing the case. The client should be notified in writing of the action taken, reasons for the action taken, appeal rights and Client Assistance Program. This closure letter will serve as the IPE amendment for cases closed after the IPE has been signed. Written notification should be provided in the appropriate mode of communication.

Exception to Written Notification Requirements

Written notification is not required when the client has declined services because of an Order of Selection waiting list, cannot be located, has refused services, is no longer present in the state, or has died.

Effective Date: May 1, 1998