Fiscal Year Closing

State fiscal year end closing is done by going to the Authorization/Vouchering menu and choosing #15 (ENCUMBRANCE SFY END PROCESSING). Access to this selection is available to program managers, counselors, managers, and support staff the last two weeks of the state fiscal year.

Prior to closing, print the List of Outstanding Obligations report found in Field Service Reports and determine what action you want to take on each service order listed. Once you know that information for each outstanding obligation, you are prepared for fiscal closing. The screens display the service order number; date of authorization; vendor name; amount obligated; partial payments; and amount outstanding.

Available in mid-June, KMIS will display all outstanding obligations by either caseload or by client, as the program administrator, counselor, manager, or support staff chooses. Mark each outstanding obligation with one of the 4 choices described below. If the beginning date for services, such as tuition, is on or before June 30 and continues into the next fiscal year, it is considered a current fiscal year expenditure and should be encumbered.

These are your four choices for action needed on each outstanding obligation:

Effective Date: April 26, 2005