Payment Procedures

Payments for items on a Service Authorization are created and finalized by Rehabilitation Services (RS) field staff. The Payment Authorization can only be finalized by the Counselor, RS Manager or Program Administrator. Payments must be completed within 30 days from the day equipment was received by the client or counselor or the day the invoice is received in the field office (whichever date is later), according to the Kansas Prompt Payment Act. Normally allow seven to ten days for a payment to be processed so that the warrant will be dated by the 30th day.

Contact Central Office prior to paying a late fee for assistance in following required procedures.

Partial payments are made when a portion of the equipment has been delivered and can be used by the client while waiting for the rest of the order. If part of the order has arrived but cannot be used until the rest of the order is delivered, do not make a payment on it.

When multiple vendors have been awarded a bid on the same service order, pay each vendor as the equipment and invoice are received from the vendor, if items are useable by the client. When multiple vendors are awarded a bid and the last vendor payment is finalized, KMIS will ask if the authorization should be closed. You must close it to remove it from the outstanding obligations list. If you do not close the authorization at this time, you may zero dollar pay to close it.

Enter the correct invoice number when prompted. Enter the account number, shipping date, and any other identifying information that may help the vendor identify the payment in the service description area on the payment authorization to a vendor. This is needed so the vendor will know where to credit the payment. It is best practice to add a statement that "the client is not to be billed."

A MATERIAL RECEIVED/PROPERTY ASSIGNMENT-DISPOSITION form (VR-3035) is completed when the client has received and is satisfied with the equipment ordered. See Section 8 / Part 31 of this Manual. Keep this signed form in the case file. The Materials Received report is also used to report repossessed equipment to Central Office.

Effective Date: April 26, 2005