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Cancellation of State Warrants:

Payments Not Received:

NOTE: State of Kansas Setoff Program

The Setoff Program provides assistance to state agencies in the collection of delinquent accounts receivable. It allows the Director of Accounts and Reports to set off monies owed by the State of Kansas against monies owed to the State of Kansas. The Setoff Program matches payments in process with debts owed, reduces the payment in accordance with the debt, and credits the debtor with a payment.

A VR Counselor may encounter this service when a vendor receives a reduced payment or no payment for services and receives notice the payment or a portion of it has been applied to a tax bill or other debt held by the state or a municipality within the state. Vendors frequently do not understand the notice or otherwise disregard it. The counselor is to treat this as a payment of the monies owed by RS. The client is NOT to be billed. The counselor cannot cancel the payment or accept a returned warrant. He or she can provide the vendor with information to contact the Division of Accounts and Reports so the vendor can investigate or contest the debt.

Persons/Vendors with questions regarding the Setoff process may call the client Call Center at 785-296-4628, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Effective Date: April 26, 2005