Client Out-of-State Travel

Airline Travel

Counselors may make out-of-state travel arrangements for clients using the following procedures:

1. Set up service authorization payable to UMB Bank. Use FEIN # 440201230, extension 06. Do not finalize.

2. Contact Central Office and give the service authorization #, the name of the client traveling, address, date of travel, accommodations needed and counselor's name and phone number.

3. Central Office will communicate proposed itinerary to counselor for approval.

4. Central Office will communicate cost of fare and account number to complete the authorization and payment.

Other Travel

Clients may also be eligible for per diem and hotel reimbursement. Follow the same procedures as used for state employees. For more information, see Department of Administration Travel Center for State Employees at

Client mileage is provided in accordance with the RS Cost Cap located in Section 3 / Part 8 of this manual.

Effective Date: April 26, 2005