Accessibility Standards for Facilities and Providers
Amending Record of Services
Applications - Prompt and Equitable Handling
Authorizing Services and Payments

Bid Procedures

Case File Organization
Child Abuse and Neglect, Reporting
Child Care
    Closure - Failure to Cooperate
    Closure - Other Reasons
    Closure Without Eligibility
    Documentation and Correspondence
    Exception to Written Notification Requirement
Comparable Services
    Release for Audit, Evaluation and Research
    Release to Applicants and Individuals
    Release to Authorities
    Release to Client Assistance Program
    Release to Other DCF Programs
    Release to Programs Outside DCF
Cost Caps

Dental Services
Documenttion Guide
Durable Medical Equipment

Economic Need
EES - Coordination with
    Presumption of Benefit
Employment Outcome
    Individuals Determined to Have Achieved
Extended Employment
Extended Service Contracts

Facilities, Standards for
Fees for Copies
Fiscal Year Closing - Preparation For
Fiscal Year Closing Procedures


Hearing Aids
Hospitalization Services

Individualized Plan for Employment
Ineligibility Determination
Informed Choice
Inpatient Services

Job Modifications

Kansas Quality Assurance Screening
Kansas Residency
KQAS Functional Descriptions

Learning Disabilities - Determination of Impairment
Limits of Services

Medical Examinations
Medical Procedure Codes
Medical Procedures
Miscellaneous Medical Services


Order of Selection
Organizational Structure
Out-of-State Services
Out-of-State Travel - Client
Outpatient Services

Payment Procedures
Payments Outside KMIS
Placement Services
Post Employment Services
Prior Authorization
Progress Notes
Prompt and Equitable Handling
Psychological Testing
Public Input
Purchasing Guidelines
Purpose of Rehabilitation Act
Purpose of VR Services

Record of Services
Records Retention
Referrals and Applications
Repossessed Equipment

Scope of Available Services
Service Codes
    Alphbetical Order
    Contracted Services
    Counseling and Guidance - VR Counselor
    Job Finding and Placement Services
    Numeric Order
    Other Services
    Personal Assistance Services
    Quick List
    Rehabilitation Technology Services
    Restoration (Treatment of Impairments)
    Services to Family Members
    Transportation Services
Sheltered Employment
Sign Language Interpreter Services
Small Business
Spending Authority - Summary
State Warrants - Cancellation
State Warrants - Not Received
Supported Employment

Toll Free Numbers, Use of
Training - Post Secondary Education
Transfer of Cases
Transition-Aged Students

Used Equipment - Purchase of

Vehicle Modification/Purchase/Repair
Vendor Categories

Workplace Safety
Workplace Violence