Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
Janet Schalansky, Secretary

Integrated Service Delivery - Candy Shively, Deputy Secretary (785) 296-3271

Economic and Employment Support - Sandra Hazlett, Director (785) 296-3349


To: EES Chiefs and Staff

Date: REVISED June 17, 2002
From: Sandra Hazlett RE: Implementation Instructions for 24 months prospective time limit for GA

This memo gives instructions for implementation of a modified General Assistance program implemented through KEESM Revision #10. Effective July 1, 2002 a prospective 24 month life time limit on the receipt of General Assistance benefits is being implemented. General Assistance includes Medikan. As a result, each month of GA received on or after July 1, 2002 will count towards the 24 month life time limit.

Systems Tracking
The MOCA screen and KAECSES system counter is being created to track and count the number of months GA (including GA-RN) is received. Only months in which the individual is coded IN will be considered and only paid benefit months will be counted. This includes any overpayment months. Payment types to be counted are PX, PM and PD.

Current number of months will be displayed on HOSU, CAP2, and CLPR. Examples screens below show modifications reflecting the number of months of GA received.

   CAP2                               CASE PROFILE - PAGE 2                                             012302 07:19
                                                                                                                                         COREVIEW C
CASE NAME: Smith, Mary                                        CASE NUMBER: 09999999
                                                      MR RECEIVED: 011702    INTERIM DUE DATE:
LAST ACTION: CHANGE MRRE 011702                              PARENTS-IN-HH:
GA MOS: Xxx      ID: 00000000000                                         TAF MOS: 033 ID: 0000000000
PROG                        BEN        APP         HH       HH      PROG    STATUS     REV     CURRENT   CURRENT
AF       1W                 102401  102401    02        2N      OPEN       112701      0902       309.00        0202
AM                              02401    102401                           OPEN       112701      0202
FS                               02401    102401    02       RE      OPEN       112701      0902       233.00        0202
MA CM                       110700   040401                          CLOSED  073101      0302                            0801
MP                               061297  061297                          CLOSED 073197       0897

                                                                                                                   PARTICIPATION        ME         PERSON
CLIENT NAME     CLIENT NO      DOB       RE      S        SSN           AF     FS    AM            SU          ALERTS
SMITH, MARY      0000111111   110379    PI        F    999999999   IN       IN      OU            E1          1W
SMITH,TAYLOR   0002222222   011098   CH      F    999999999    IN       IN      OU

CLPR                                                              CLIENT PROFILE                                                          012302 07:22
                                                                                                                                                                COREVIEW C
NAME/ALIASES                                                      CLIENT ID: 0000111111                              --S Y S T E M S--
SMITH, MARY                                                         S.S.N.: 999 99 9999             VR: V                     :A:C:K:K:F:
                                                                                   BIRTHDATE: 11031979      SEX: F                   :E:S:C:P:A:
                                                                                   TAF MOS: 33          GA MOS:XXX                   Y Y Y Y Y
                                                                                    ALERT: E1 1W

         PART        CASE       PART        PART                                                      DEN/

01     AF            IN         01000000       102401                OP         247          3         06       PI 1W (10/01 - 0102 = 4 mos)
02     FS             IN         01000000       102401               OP         247          3         06         PI
03    MA            IN         01000000        070101               OP         331          1         17         PI
04    MA            DI         01000000        060101 073101  CL         247          3         06         PI         OS

HOSU                                                      HOUSEHOLD SUMMARY - PAGE 1                                    012502 08:21
                                                                                PROSPECTIVE                                                         COREVIEW C
CASE NAME: JONES, BONNIE J                                                         CASE NUMBER: 91212121

RESIDENCE:                     1 MAIN STREET                                    ANYWHERE                       KS 66749
                                                                                                                                                        PARENTS IN HH:

HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS                  MONTHS                  SSN                  REL       DOB         AGE         SCHOOL
                                                              TAF GA
JONES, BONNIE J                                  14 16                  999 99 9999         PI           09051954     47
JONES, JAMES L                                    14 16                  999 99 9999         CH         03141988     13

LIQUID RESOURCES                                             TYPE                                                                        AMOUNT

CROSS, BONNIE J                                                  PERSONAL CHECKING                                             10.67

UNEARNED INCOME                                                      AMOUNT         RECEIVED BY

CA ON-GOING GRANT                                                    309.00               JONES, BONNIE J


GA notices G101, G104, G105, G106, G107, G191, G192, G193, and G196 are being modified to include information regarding the 24 month life time limit. Worker enterable fields are being added to inform the client how many months GA has been received on or after July 1, 2002 at approval and review. A notice will be created to be sent out on a regular interval basis once the system counter is in place, similar to the X088 notice for TAF. More information will be provided once this is in operation.

The following informational notice has also been developed that is being sent to all GA recipients who have received benefits for the month of June to inform them of the policy change. This notice will be sent out via KAECSES on June 18, 2002.

Informational Notice
General Assistance Program Changes

This is to let you know that starting July 1, 2002 the General Assistance (GA) program is changing. There will now be a 24 month life time limit for receiving General Assistance which includes Medikan health care coverage. Each month you receive GA starting with the month of July 2002 will count towards the 24 month life time limit. GA benefits received before July 2002 will not count toward the time limit. Once an adult member of your household receives 24 months of GA benefits your case will close.

Because of this time limit it is very important that you follow through with your application and/or appeal for disability benefits through Social Security. If you do not have anyone helping you with this process, please call your Economic and Employment Support worker at the local Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) office.

This notice is for information purposes only. You will receive another notice when any action is taken on your case.

Pursuit and referrals for SSA/SSI benefits
Due to the time limit it is important to make immediate referrals to SSA and KLS on newly approved cases, as well as making sure that the IAR forms are completed at time of application and sent in timely. If the recipient is later approved for SSA/SSI benefits such timeliness is important to protect the filing date for Medicaid purposes and for GA reimbursement purposes. Additional policy has been included in section 2315 regarding the protected filing date. Medicaid eligibility will need to be authorized on the system once SSI/SSDI is approved and this is to be done by setting up the appropriate SI or MS case at the time disability approval information is received by the agency. It is important that the SI or MS is backdated to the specified protected filing time via the disability onset date. This will ensure coverage for medical services that were not covered under Medikan and will ensure federal reimbursement for the Medikan funded services incurred by the agency.