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January 2, 2004


Candace Shively
Deputy Secretary


Reinstatement of Ga Benefits for Cases Closed Due to 24- Month Time Limit

We received notice late Wednesday afternoon that a temporary court injunction had been filed which restrains SRS from moving forward with the closure of GA cases that have reached the 24-month life-time limit. Benefits will need to be restored immediately for all cases closed due to the 24-month life-time limit.

The attached listings identify those cases that were closed: 1) using the closure code of “24" and 2) using the closure code of “OT” and is to be used by staff as a reference to reopen these cases. Staff will need to reopen the GA cases closed with the “24" closure code effective January 1, 2004. A new notice, G855 - “Special GA Reinstatement” has been created and is to be used to notify the consumer of this action. Staff will also need to make benefits immediately available by using the EBT Emergency Issuance process. Staff should not routinely request issuance of a local medical card unless immediate medical coverage is needed. Consumers will otherwise receive a January card within 7 days. All affected cases must be reopened no later than 5:00 p.m. this afternoon.

Staff should review the list of cases that were closed using a closure code of “OT” to determine if any of the closures were actually due to the 24-month time limit. If so, follow the same procedures for these cases and provide a listing of these cases to Lewis Kimsey.

Benefits are to be restored to the level they were in December unless staff are aware of changes that would result in a higher benefit and if so the benefit should be restored at the higher level.

In addition, staff should not take any action to close or deny any other GA cases solely due to the 24-month limit at this time.

FS benefits that have been authorized for January on the cases in question should not be adjusted based on reinstatement of the GA grant and no overpayment should be imposed. Benefits for February and out months will need to be adjusted for changes due to reinstatement of GA benefits and for any other changes besides the 24-month limit.

We should have additional information regarding the outcome of the hearing in the next 2 -3 weeks and we will advise you of any additional actions required subject to the court’s decision. If you have additional questions or issues concerning these instructions, please contact Lewis Kimsey or Dennis Priest.


Attachment - Reinstatement of GA Benefits Notice