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Implementation Instructions - KEESM Revision 45, effective October 01, 2010

This memo provides implementation instructions and information for the following October 1, 2010, policy changes in the Kansas Economic and Employment Support Manual (KEESM):

  1. All Programs

    Intercounty Transfer, Sending County's Responsibilities – See Summary of Change Item I, A, 1 and KEESM Section 9221.1 and 9221.2. Staff are now required to update address and county information, if known, at the time of the transfer. The ADDR and EXNS screens on KAECSES are to be updated when the sending county transfers a file. Also, if expenses are known, this information is also to be updated prior to sending the case file to the new county. In addition, KSCares work program files are to be transferred at the time of the KAECSES file transfer, even if the case has been closed. Prior to transferring the KSCares work program file, staff are to assure all payments have been made, or deleted if necessary.

  2. Successful Families

    1. Child in Family – See Summary of Change Item VII, B, 1 and KEESM Section 2210. Wording has been added to clarify pregnancy verification is not required to approve a TAF application. Of course, if pregnancy is questionable, prudent principle policy applies.

    2. Persons Included in the Assistance Plan – See Summary of Change Item VII, B, 2 and KEESM Section 7211. Clarification is being added regarding verification of dependent care expenses for TAF – they only need to be verified if they are questionable.

    3. Proration is not applicable to - See Summary of Change Item VII, B, 3 and KEESM Section 7401.2 (3). There is no proration of TAF cases reopened in the month following the month of closure.

  3. TANF and Food Assistance

Joint Custody Situations – See Summary of Change Item IV, B, 2 and KEESM Section 2221. Clarification to this policy is being added to KEESM for situations when both parents share equal custody and each are requesting assistance; the parent who applies first will be the parent who is eligible to receive assistance.

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