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TO: EES Program Administrators

FROM: Sandra Kimmons

DATE: 12/12/16

SUBJECT: Implementation Instructions - KEESM Revision #79

This memo provides implementation instructions and information for the following January 1, 2017, policy changes in the Kansas Economic and Employment Services Manual (KEESM).

  1. Food Assistance

    1. Referral to Child Support Services – See Summary of Changes III, A, 1, and KEESM Section 2163.

      Effective January 1, 2017 referrals to CSS should be made at application, IR and Review if needed or when a household composition change is made known to DCF. Examples of household composition change could be a new baby is born or a parent moves out of the home. If a significant change has not taken place since the last referral then a new referral or changes to SPRD and CHSE is not needed.

    2. Residence – See Summary of Changes III, A, 2, and KEESM 2150.

      Effective January 1, 2017 residence requirements for food assistance is defining temporary absence from the state to exists when a visit for a period of less than one calendar month is made out of the state and the intent is to return. Household members away from home because of a vacation or illness will maintain their household member status if they are in the home during any part of the calendar month. If the absence is to cover a full calendar month, the individual(s) should be removed from the food assistance household.

      Food assistance clients must live in the state, but are not required to have the intent to permanently reside in the state in which they make application. Individuals that are homeless or who are without a fixed living or mailing address are considered residents of the state.

      When a client notifies the agency of a move to another state with the intent to reside there, the client must be informed in writing that assistance is being discontinued giving timely and adequate notice.

      If an EBT report or other information is made known to DCF that indicates a client may be living outside of Kansas, then first attempt to contact the client by phone for verification of residency. A new residency verification notice (F851) is being developed to send if needed. The X004, V004, or other verification request notices may be used if appropriate.
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