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TO: EES Program Administrators

FROM: Sandra Kimmons

DATE: 2/24/21

SUBJECT: Implementation Instructions - KEESM Revision #102

This memo provides implementation instructions and information for the following April 1, 2021, policy changes in the Kansas Economic and Employment Services Manual (KEESM).

Unclear Information

Is information that is not verified, or information is verified but more information is needed.

How to act on a change that is known to the agency that is unclear information. The only time information is requested for unclear information is if the information:

  1. Significantly conflicts with the information used to certify the household (meaning the information used to determine eligibility was incorrect); or

  2. Is something the household was required to report based on simplified reporting AND is less than 60 days old based on the current month of participation; or

  3. If the information is from a deceased or prisoner data match KEESM 1436

If the information does not meet this criteria it is to be held until the next IR or Review.

What information is considered verified upon receipt (is not unclear or questionable).

  • BENDEX, from SSA
  • SDX, from SSA
  • SAVE, from USCIS
  • Unemployment Compensation, from Department of Labor
  • Worker’s Compensation

Information that is unclear, not required to be reported per simplified reporting requirements, not considered verified upon receipt and more than 60 days old since certification is to be held until next Interim Report or Review whichever comes first.

Most information that is received will not meet the criteria of unclear information.

Please refer to the flowchart in Appendix ???? for the process on Responding to Unclear Information During the Certification Period.


Question and Answers:

Food assistance case is approved 11/2018 thru 10/2019. The eligibility worker receives an email from the EBT unit on 7/19/19 asking the eligibility worker to verify Kansas residency due to EBT transaction history indicates EBT transactions have been occurring exclusively out of state in Wyoming. A request for information for state residency is not to be sent because this information is unclear, the information is more than 60 days old from certification, it is not a simplified reporting requirement and is to be addressed at the next IR or Review.

Philip receives Food Assistance. We receive an alert that in March Philip was hired at Kwik Trip in December. Although we aren’t certain if Philip would have to report this change, this information is unclear, we do know the information is over 60 days old. The worker holds this information in the file to address at the next IR or Review.

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