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TO: EES Program Administrators

FROM: Sandra Kimmons

DATE: February 16, 2022

SUBJECT: Implementation Instructions for Child Care Poverty Level Changes Effective April 1, 2022

Child Care

  1. Poverty Level Changes - This year the monthly gross income amounts will be updated on the Child Care Family Income and Share Schedule to reflect changes in the federal poverty guidelines and the state median income levels effective April 1, 2022. The tables were updated overnight on February 15th, and the changes are effective April 1, 2022. KEES will look at all active Child Care programs, recalculate their Family Plans with a Type of ‘FP’ and Change Reason of ‘Other Change Reason’, and run EDBC for the Come-Up Month. These actions mimic that of a caseworker–NOAs and Family Plans will go out based on EDBC results.

    With this adjustment to the poverty levels, the family share deductions (FSD’s) are also being adjusted. When FSD’s were reduced in July of 2021, the amounts were set based on a percentage of the income amounts, and the same formula was used to determine the FSD’s for April 1, 2022. Since income limits are increasing, FSD’s are also increasing. Those new family share deductions will be applied to all new child care plans beginning April 1, 2022 or after. In accordance with KEESM 7541, FSD’s for ongoing cases will not increase during the current eligibility period. Timeline of Events:

    • 2/16: KEES were updated with the table changes effective 4/1/2022. Note: The changes will not affect Family Share Deductions already attached to existing Family Plans. This will occur with the federal poverty guideline batch process. New plans written after this date will reflect the new amounts.

    • 2/17: Come-up Month becomes available. Any cases processed for April benefits will have the table changes applied. If the FSD increases in the middle of an eligibility period, staff will need to override to keep the FSD the same.

    • The weekend of 3/5 Family Plan Income Limits – Active family plans, recalculate family plan, EDBC and send appropriate notices. KEES changes that were implemented with the 2/26 release will prevent FSD’s from increasing before the end of an existing eligibility period.

    • Overridden Family Plans will be skipped for each month that is overridden. EDBC will run and a NOA will be sent.

    • 3/6: Regular Child Care EDBC – Run any Child Care program that has not yet had April EDBC ran.
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