EES POLICY NO. 13-02-02

RE: Monthly Work Programs Sample Pull


Contact Person:

Ruth Arensdorf, Work Programs Manager

FROM:   Jaryl Perkins, Director of Employment Services

KEESM Reference:

3300.1 (no revisions made)

DATE:    February 13, 2013


Primary DCF Areas Affected: Work Programs

Where Posted on Web:

This memo provides implementation instructions and information for the following policy changes in the Work Program sample pull procedure effective starting with the February 2013 sample pull. This memo supersedes the Memorandum for KEESM Revision #49 dated September 29, 2011.

Employment Services

Kansas employs a Sample Reporting Methodology for TANF work participation. All actual hours of work activities must be verified, documented and counted in the work participation rate.

  1. Workers will report all hours of participation in both primary and secondary activities for 2 parent, 1 parent and 0 parent (where the PI is the parent who is DI or SS) households.

  2. Documentation required for Work Experience, Community Service Vocational Education, Job Search/Job Readiness, Job Skills Training, Education Directly Related to Employment, and Satisfactory Attendance at High School or GED will be the provider or workers monthly report. A copy of the documentation will accompany the ES-4304.

  3. Subsidized or unsubsidized employment or on the job training may be documented using the Earned Income (EAIN) screen on KAECSES, employment verification letter, BASI or Work Number print-out. A copy of the documentation will accompany the ES-4304.

  4. The ES-4304 sample pull checklist will be edited to include hours for all activities. An ES-4304 will be filled out for each House hold selected for the sample pull. Workers will attach screen prints of the KSCARES Actual Hours (ACHR) and the KAECSES Job Programs (JOPR) screen to the ES-4304.

  5. Workers will not need to send in Doctors statements but should note on the description line of the KSCARES Component Update (COUP) screen that a Doctors statement has been received and is in the files.

  6. Workers will not have to send copies of the employer contact records (ES-4306),Employment verification forms, Work# printouts, the FLSA (W-12) worksheets, employment calculation worksheets, Child Care Plan worksheet (W-13), the Self Employment worksheet (W-7) or provider monthly reports to Central office with the ES-4304. Workers will note on the COUP screen in the description line of the appropriate activity that these have been received, completed and are in the case file if needed for review.

  7. The worker will post a verification code for each case in the sample pull on the ACHR screen on the KSCARES system as a record the case was reviewed. 0 hour components or when hours of participation cannot be verified will use the code of ZH in the assigned component to indicate the case was pulled and reviewed. All hours of participation should be posted on the ACHR screen followed by a verification code of either Customer statement (CS) or Hard Copy Document (HC).
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