EES POLICY NO. 13-07-04

RE: Telephone Interviews


Contact Person:

Pam Jacob

FROM:   Pam Jacob

KEESM Reference:

1412, 1412.4

DATE:   July 19, 2013


Primary DCF Areas Affected: All applications and reviews where a telephone interview is required.

Where Posted on Web:

This memo changes and clarifies instructions for scheduling telephone interviews. The current practice is to schedule a date and time for the telephone interview. Effective July 19, 2013, telephone interviews can be scheduled for a window of time, up to a maximum of 2 hours.

For example, instead of telling the client to call at 9:30 on Wednesday July 17th, the notice will tell them to call on Wednesday July 17th between 9am-11am, or on Wednesday July 17th between 9am -10am.

The V301 and V302 have been modified to clarify the window-of-time concept.

The KEESM will be clarified in October 2013 to incorporate this modification. The Process Management/BPM tools have also been modified to include this concept.


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