EES POLICY NO. 15-01-01

RE: Work Program Orientation Process


Contact Persons:

Jaryl Perkins/ Ruth Arensdorf

FROM:  Sandra Kimmons

DATE:  January 12, 2015


Primary DCF Areas Affected: TANF Work Programs.

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All adult or parenting teen TANF recipients must go through an assessment program when approved for TANF benefits within 90 days of approval. Part of that program is a client orientation providing information on DCF work program policy, expectations and services. We are standardizing this process across the state and a narrated power point which lasts about 20 minutes will now be used. We will begin to implement the new process immediately with complete state wide implementation to be completed by February 13, 2015.

Once a client has completed their application they may be shown the orientation power point (OPP) in an individual or group setting. It must be documented the client has seen the OPP information. The Work Program Career Navigator (CN) will work with their supervisor to design the OPP presentation so that it is available at all times and can be administered as often as possible. If the OPP is given to groups after TANF has been approved, the SASSI may also be administered at that time. If not, an appointment for the SASSI screening will need to be made. It will not be necessary for the client to complete the SASSI before they have an initial appointment; however, the SASSI must be completed within 90 days of TANF approval and should be scheduled as early as possible. Most offices have set times for SASSI screening and those schedules may be continued. Once the client has viewed the OPP, the CN will note it on the KSCARES WOPA screen in the “NOTES” section: OPP DATE (xx/xx/xxxx).

An initial appointment date will be set for the client to meet with the CN, view the OPP (if they have not already seen it) and begin assessments upon approval of the TANF benefits. The CN will administer career interest assessments, review KWK recommendations, and evaluate client attitudes, barriers, and strengths. The CN will be responsible to discuss client support needs including (but not limited to) issues around domestic violence, disabilities, housing and education situations, transportation, childcare and family dynamics. The focus should be on information gathering and building a relationship through conversation rather than questionnaires and tests alone. Once it is determined what the best course of action is, the CN will advise the client of the available providers for the appropriate services. Providers will create an information page or brochure to give to clients. The CN will go over each option and help the client choose the one best suited for their needs allowing the client to make an informed decision. Once the provider is selected, the client will be given that provider’s information sheet or brochure and a referral will be created for that client to that provider. The CN will set up the appropriate component on the SESP/COUP screen in KSCARES using KEESM 3300 as a guide. If the client is going into a work experience program the Fair Labor Standards Act work sheet (W-12) must be completed and sent with the referral. The provider may then assign the client to an orientation of their services as they see fit which would be part of the countable activity.

In the event that there are no appropriate activities or providers for the client, the CN will convene with the Employment coordinator and team members to review resources in the community that would be a fit for the client. The client should be part of that conversation as well. At the initial interview, the client should be given information for local and community resources to meet their family’s needs. This may include programs such as United Way services, faith based services, school lunches, food banks, clothing banks, free legal aide, rides for Doctor’s appointments, etc. These resource lists will be made up by the individual offices. As the CN discuss needs with clients the resource list may be used to encourage the client to contact specific services.

The Power Point will be available in the new EES Intranet web site at (Policy/Procedure: Employment Services: State Work Programs Orientation). This is the only approved version, which may not be altered except through CO KEESM maintenance staff. The PowerPoint may not be copied and all other versions being used must be deleted. The PowerPoint will be available using any computer which has access to the DCF Intranet.


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