EES POLICY NO. 16-02-01

RE: EBT Repayments


Contact Persons:

Larry McGillivary

FROM:  Sandra Kimmons

DATE: February 01, 2016


Primary DCF Areas Affected: Cash, Food Assistance, Child Care

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Re: Client repayment on claims directly from EBT accounts

  1. Policy for repayment on claims using EBT account funds has been revised. Effective with the date of this policy memo, EBT repayments on claims must come from the same benefit type. Food Assistance EBT benefits can only be applied to Food Assistance recovery accounts. Cash EBT benefits can only be applied to Cash assistance recovery accounts. Child Care EBT benefits can only be applied to Child Care recovery accounts.

    This policy change matches policies already established for claim reduction for benefit expungements.

  2. The following form and notice have been updated to match the above policy.

    • ES-3142 - EBT Benefit Repayment Agreement
    • V103 - EBT Benefit Repayment Agreement The ES-3142 form and V103 notice have also been revised to allow customers to specify EBT repayment on two claims on the same document.

  3. The EBT System Guide is revised to indicate the above mentioned policy changes.


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