EES Policy No. 21-07-07

RE:  KDOL Wages and Unemployment Interface/ BARI and BASI Unemployment and Wage System

Policy Memo

Contact Persons: Janelle Harper

From:  Sandra Kimmons, Director, EES

KEESM Reference: references to BARI and BASI in 1322, 2134, 9122, 9330.

Date:  July 30, 2021

 Other: 1322, 2134, 9122, 9330.

Primary DCF Areas Affected: EES – All programs

Where Posted on Web:

Effective July 30, 2021, staff can sign into KAECSES sessions to access BARI to obtain unemployment compensation verification. Staff should continue to use KDOL for wage information. Staff can use BASI to verify wages if they are already signed in and verifying unemployment compensation using BARI.

If unemployment compensation is verified using BARI and wages are verified using BASI, staff will need to capture and image BARI and BASI into ImageNow. If wage information is verified using KDOL, records can be accessed and viewed on the Real Time Interface History Detail in KEES.