EES POLICY NO. 99-10-03
           (Originally 85-05-005)

RE: Potential Resources


KEESM: 2124


FROM: Dennis Priest


DATE: October 1, 1999
            (Originally 5-21-85)


Program(s): TANF

A question has been raised as to whether the agency can deny assistance to an applicant or recipient who refuses to apply for early retirement (e.g. a 60 year old woman or a 62 year old man who would qualify for social security under the potential resources provision contained in KEESM 2124. For the most part the issue is whether a client can claim good cause for not applying for the potential benefit and the criteria that should be used in making a good cause determination.

The specific case situation which prompted this memorandum is a 63 year old GA client who is refusing to apply for his early retirement through SSA because he will draw a lesser monthly benefit than if he waited until age 65 to apply. In this instance good cause should not be granted.

Other situations that staff encounter include similar examples to the above with the following differences:

  1. The individual plans to return to employment in a short time (e.g. after a temporary illness or injury); and

  2. The individual is applying for or appealing a disability determination.

In the above two examples, a determination of good cause should be granted. Worker judgment will be needed in ascertaining whether to grant good cause.

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