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Summary of Changes for Kansas Economic and Employment Services Manual (KEESM) Revision No. 55 effective July 1, 2012.


A brief overview of the major changes is described below. Other clarifications and technical corrections are also included and described in the next section. Additional technical corrections not mentioned here are being incorporated in KEESM as needed.

Successful Families – Further clarifications are being provided on use of cash assistance, teen parents enrollment in school, proration of benefits in certain situations, and applicant job search. Policy on OARS is being removed from KEESM. There is now no limit for child care deductible expenses for TANF.


  1. All Programs

    1. Changes


    2. Clarfications

      1. Whereabouts of Recipient Unknown – KEESM 9124 is being revised to provide guidance on how to handle returned mail. All returned mail is to be compared to information provided by the customer to assure mail was delivered correctly. If the returned mail has a forwarding address, update KAECSES and take appropriate action to assure correct benefits are issued.

  2. Medical Assistance

    1. Changes

      1. Transfer of Property – The average nursing home private pay daily rate in the state has increased from $145.42 to $166.43. The new rate is effective with all penalty periods with a start date on or after July 1, 2012.

        KEESM section 5724.4(2) and Appendix item W-9 (Transfer of Property Worksheet) will be updated with this revision. In addition, the electronic Transfer of Property Worksheet will be updated and reissued. Previous versions will be obsolete and should be discarded.

    2. Clarifications


  3. Successful Families

    1. Changes

      1. Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault (DSA) – Material is being removed from KEESM 3330.9 at this time and the section is being marked Reserved. Further direction will be provided in the near future.

        TANF applicants or recipients who disclose DV/SA shall be provided contact information to their local DV/SA Member Program.

    2. Clarfications

      1. Money Payments – KEESM 1511.1 is being revised to expand the list of establishments where cash benefits may not be used to include any liquor store; any casino, gambling casino, or gaming establishment; or any retail establishment which provides adult oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment.

      2. Teen Parent Under Age 18 – KEESM 2230, 3511.1 and 3511.2 are being revised to clarify how to treat teen parents who are not attending school, but are enrolled, and also how to treat if the teen in not enrolled in school.

      3. Applicant Job Search (AJS) – KEESM 2251 is being revised to clarify AJS is only required for mandatory TANF applicants.

      4. Persons Included in the Assistance Plan – The limits of the child care deduction are being removed from KEESM 7211.

      5. Proration – KEESM 7401.1 and 7401.2 is being revised to clarify when a TANF case being reopened needs to be prorated and when it does not. When a TANF case is being reopened in the month after closure due to curing a sanction, e.g. Quality Assurance non-coop, no proration will occur. Cases closed longer than one month will need to be prorated.

      6. Eligibility for Work Program Transitional Services – KEESM 3410 is being revised to indicate transitional services will be available to adults who receive a 4th or subsequent CSE penalty and lose TANF eligibility for 10 years. Only the adults who receive 4th or subsequent Work Program penalty will lose their eligibility for transitional services as well.

FORMS (Explanation provided if not mentioned previously in this summary.)

All Programs: The updated version of these forms are being linked.

ES-3100, Application for Cash, Medical, Child Care and Food Assistance Benefits for Families

ES-3100r, Review Form For Families

ES-3100.1, Application for Cash, Medical, and Food Assistance Benefits for Elderly and Disabled

ES-3100.1r, Review Form For Elderly and Persons with Disabilities

Medical:The following medical forms are being reformatted.

ES-3901, PMDT Referral

ES-3903, Presumptive Medical Disability Determination Questionnaire

ES-3906, Presumptive Medicaid Disability Determination

APPENDIX (Explanation provided if not mentioned previously in this summary.)

Child Care

C4, CC R&R Service Delivery Areas. A direct link to this document is now in the Appendix.


W-9, Transfer of Property Worksheet.

MISCELLANEOUS FORMS (Explanation provided if not mentioned previously in this summary.)


All polices in this revision are effective July 1, 2012. Additional information is being included in the Implementation Memo.


Most of the changes contained in this revision are clarifications of previous policies and updates on forms. They will have little or no net effect on local staff.



ES-1605: Child Care Subsidy Audio Response Unit (ARU) Worksheet

ES-3100a: Application Addendum

ES-3100aS: Application Addendum

ES-3118: Quality Enhancement Review (Family Programs)

ES-3119: Quality Enhancement Review (Elderly/ Disabled Programs)

Instructions for Quality Enhancement Review Forms

ES-4320: OARS Turnaround Form

ES-5000-E: CASAS-ECS Appraisal Answer Sheets - English (Reading/Math)

ES-5000-S: CASAS-ECS Spanish - Reading Comprehension Answer Sheets

ES-5001-E: CASAS-ECS Appraisal Test Booklet - English (Reading/Math)

ES-5001-S: CASAS-ECA Spanish - Reading Comprehension Test Booklet

ES-5002: CASAS-ECS Self-Addressed Return Envelopes

FP-1013: Purchase and Prepare Statement


E-5: OARS Domestic Violence Screening

E-22: Provider Packet

X-4: Authorization to Furnish Information and Release From Liability (Funeral Assistance Program)

X-10: SRS Institutions: Procedures For Placement of Confirmed Perpetrator Names on Adult Protective Services (APS) Registry

W-5: Funeral Assistance Worksheet

Miscellaneous Forms

OARS Auth for Release of Info/English and Spanish (1/12)

OARS Confidentiality (9/09)

OARS Monthy Progress report (4/11)

OARS Participant Feedback (8/11) English and Spanish

OARS Status Change Form


Within EES, the material in this letter and manual revision has been coordinated with staff in Economic and Employment Services, the EES Program Administrators, the Implementation Planning Team, and the Training Advisory Team.

Kathe Decker, Director
Economic and Employment Services

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