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Summary of Changes for Kansas Economic and Employment Services Manual (KEESM) Revision No. 87 effective May 01, 2018


A brief overview of the major changes is described below. Other clarifications and technical corrections are also included and described in the next section. Additional technical corrections not mentioned here are being incorporated in KEESM, as needed.

All Programs – This revision incorporates the change to accept telephonic signatures on applications for assistance.

Child Care – New poverty-level guidelines have been published by the Department of Health and Human Services. These guidelines affect the eligibility standards in the Child Care program.

Food Assistance – eDRS must be checked on all adults at application, review, and when a member is added to the Food Assistance case.

TANF – Additional deductions are being allowed for transportation expenses related to child care.

TANF, Child Care and Food Assistance – An immediate referral for expedited paternity is no longer required. The referral will be made at the time of the application approval or the addition of the alleged father in the home.

TANF and Food Assistance – Clarification is being provided when a potential employment violation occurs and for reestablishing eligibility for assistance.


  1. All Programs

    1. Changes

      1. Frequency of Reviews – KEESM 9370 is being removed to align with KEES.

      2. Responsibility to Accept an Identifiable Application – Any applicant choosing to submit a telephonic signature will be protected against potential impersonation, identity theft, or invasion of privacy, and the agency will provide accurate linkage between a telephonic signature and the associated application or case file. Telephonic signature is not required and is at the willingness of the client.

        KEESM 1213.3 will be updated with this change.

      3. General Information – A telephonic signature is a valid and legal signature.

        KEESM 1411 will be updated with this change.

      4. Application Date – The date that a telephonic signature is obtained by the agency for an unsigned application shall be considered the application date.

        KEESM 1411.2 will be updated with this change.

      5. Unsigned Applications – An attempt by the agency will be made to obtain a telephonic signature on all unsigned applications. If the applicant is unwilling or unable to provide the telephonic signature that application will be returned by mail.

        KEESM 1411.2 (3) will be updated with this change.

    2. Clarifications


  2. Child Care

    1. Changes


    2. Clarifications

      1. Termination of Child Care Plans – Wording is being added to KEESM 7640 (1) to clarify that if less than three months remain in the review period, the extension would be until the end of the review period, as was stated in the implementation memo for the July 1, 2016, changes.

  3. Food Assistance

    1. Changes

      1. Review Periods for SSI Households – KEESM 1417.8 is being removed.

      2. Exceptions to Expedited Timeliness Standards – If a telephone interview is conducted for an expedited application and the application is not signed, the telephonic signature option will be offered to the applicant.

        KEESM 1415.2 will be updated with this change.

      3. Special Provisions for Matches Obtained Via the eDRS (Food Assistance Only) – eDRS must be checked on all adults in the household 18 years of age or older at application, review, and when a member is added to the Food Assistance case. If the requested secondary verification is not received by the agency within 20 days, contact the Food Assistance program manager. If the agency is able to obtain secondary verification for an eDRS match, the agency can proceed with the individuals disqualification at that time.

        KEESM sections 1434.1 and 11270 will be updated with this change.

      4. Verification of Questionable Information – KEESM 1322.3(5), New Applicants - Moved to Kansas From Another State (Food Assistance Only), is being removed because eDRS is now required. Section 1322.3 is being renumbered as a result of the change.

    2. Clarifications

      1. Collecting Claims – KEESM 11126 (2) is being updated to clarify that Food Assistance claims that are $125 or less are to be established if the household is currently receiving Food Assistance or the agency already established a claim or discovered the overpayment in a QC review.

  4. TANF

    1. Changes


    2. Clarifications

      1. Dependent Care – With client statement, expenses may also include activity fees and the cost of transportation to and from dependent care facilities and shall be allowed as an ongoing expense. The federal reimbursement mileage rate is to be used when calculating this expense. If the expense information is questionable, verification is required. Mileage is not to be included to and from work. Transportation assistance provided through work programs is not considered a child care transportation expense; it is a work transportation payment. Households may receive a work related transportation payment and a child care transportation deduction in the same month.

        KEESM 7211 is being updated with this change.

  5. TANF, Child Care, and Food Assistance

    1. Changes

      1. Expedited Paternity Establishment – KEESM 2167.1 is being updated to remove the requirement of sending an expedited paternity referral prior to TANF and Child Care approval. All expedited paternity referrals will be made at the time of approval for benefits or when an alleged parent enters the home.

    2. Clarifications


  6. TANF and Food Assistance

    1. Changes


    2. Clarifications

      1. Reestablishing Eligibility and Potential Employment – KEESM 3522 and 3540 are being clarified regarding consequences for potential employment violations and reestablishing eligibility for assistance when a work penalty has occurred.

FORMS (Explanation provided if not mentioned previously in this summary.)

Successful Families

ES-4302, Employment Letter for TANF Samples, was updated and posted in February 2018.

APPENDIX (Explanation provided if not mentioned previously in this summary.)

All Programs

The Medical section is being removed, and the only remaining item from that section, Statement of Intent to Return Home, is being renumbered P-17.

V-1, Electronic Benefit Transfer System Guide, was updated and reposted in February 2018.

X-7, Safeguarding Federal Tax Information, was updated and reposted in March 2018.

Child Care

F-1, Monthly Family Income and Family Share Deduction Schedule. This is being updated based on May 2018 poverty-level amounts.

MISCELLANEOUS FORMS (Explanation provided if not mentioned previously in this summary.)


All changes are effective May 1, 2018, unless specified otherwise in the implementation memo.

EFFECT ON LOCAL STAFF (No significant effect if not explained below.)



P-6, Landlord Letter, is being removed with this revision.


This change was coordinated with staff in Economic and Employment Services (EES), Executive leadership, and the EES Program Administrators.

Sandra Kimmons, EES Director
Economic and Employment Services

Page Last Updated: May 1, 2018 8:27 AM