June 17, 2009

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Errata - Kansas Economic and Employment Support Manual (KEESM) Revision No. 39. Effective 05-01-09.

The following changes are being made to the Summary of Change (SOC) for KEESM Revision No. 39.

  1. All Programs – Application Process and Registering Applications – Changes are being made to the SOC and the KEESM due to a change in policy made after the finalization of the May revision. This policy change affects online applications and provides that the date of application for an online application is the day the application is successfully submitted, if submitted on a business day. If submitted on a weekend or holiday, the application date will be the first business day following the weekend or holiday.  A weekend is defined as starting 5:00 pm on Friday evening until Sunday at 11.59 pm.  This change makes it imperative that OnLine applications from the Region Application List page are printed and marked as received just prior to the close of the business day on Friday.  This change also necessitated a change to the new timeliness procedures for registering applications, so that section is also changing.  Additional changes to the KEESM necessitated by changes in the online application process are also being included.  The following changes are being made to the SOC and KEESM:

    • Item 1 under I, A. Changes – All Programs has been rewritten to provide that the date of application for an online application is the date it is submitted, provided it is submitted on a business day. If the application is submitted on a weekend or holiday, the date of application is the next business day. Section 1411.2 is also being revised to incorporate this change.

    • Item 2, under I, A, Changes – All Programs, Registering Applications has been rewritten to include the change to the application date for an online application as described above. Section 1411.6 is also being revised to incorporate this change.

    • In accordance with the memo implementing the online application enhancements dated April 22, 2009, Section 1411.1 is being revised to provide that applicants cannot apply for Medicaid or General Assistance on the online application. A new item is also being included in the SOC to describe this change.

  2. Food Assistance – USDA has clarified that no adjustments need to be made when calculating overpayments starting April 2009, the implementation of the economic stimulus payments. Staff can let the system calculate the overpayment as usual.  As a result, the following changes are need to the SOC and manual material.

    • The following sentence  in the Overview of Changes, Food Assistance section, is being removed from the SOC: “A correlating change mandated by this legislation is also included regarding the calculation of overpayments for the benefit months of April 2009-September 2009, in that the amount of the stimulus increase cannot be included in the overpayment amount.”  

    • The second paragraph of Item VI, A, 2, Increased Maximum Benefits is being removed.

    • Appendix item T-12 is also being removed as it will not be needed.

    • The paragraph describing this policy has been removed from KEESM 11124.

The revised Summary of Changes can be found at this link:



Bobbi Mariani
Director, Economic and Employment Support