EES POLICY NO. 09-12-05

RE:  TAF and Pregnancy Verifications


Contact Person:

Judy Kennedy, TAF Program Manager

FROM:   Bobbi Mariani, Director, EES      

KEESM Reference:


DATE:     December 28, 2009


Primary SRS Areas Affected: EES and HealthWave Clearinghouse

Where Posted on Web:

Effective January 1, 2010, verification of pregnancy is no longer required for TAF. A request for coverage may be approved based on self-declaration of pregnancy.

This policy change eliminates the requirement to verify pregnancy. Eligibility for TAF can be determined without a pregnancy verification and an estimated date of confinement. 

An Eligibility Specialist may request verification of pregnancy if they deem it to be necessary, such as when conflicting information has been provided.

Example:  Mary Jane is applying for TAF, states she is pregnant and has no other child in the home.  Mary Jane has previously applied for TAF claiming she is pregnant, and has not given birth to any child.  The case worker may request Mary Jane provide verification of pregnancy prior to approving the TAF application. 

Individuals who receive TAF assistance and are later deemed to have not ever been eligible will need to have an overpayment determined.

If staff have any questions about these changes, please contact Judy Kennedy at 785-296-2968 or

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